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Business Growth Accelerator

Business to Business Mentoring for Companies 2-5 yrs growth or static
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Business Growth Accelerator Proposed Programs

 San Joaquin Valley College in Partnership with City of Hesperia and SBDC-Hesperia         Status: SJVC launching special speaker and advanced entrepreneurial classes. SBDC hold?

City of Temecula

        Status: unknown

iHUB Coachella Valey - SBDC-CV - CVEP

       Status: reviewed and declined. Resubmit late 2015.

City of Indio

      Status: present Jan 2016

Chaffey College - Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga Campuses

     Status: presented Dec 2014. evaluation and negotiation process. 2016 approval?

Build Business Leaders Organization education initiatives include collaborating with Cities, Government Entities, Entrepreneur Training/Coaching Programs, Business Communities/Networks, Colleges and Universities both public and private to create Business Growth Accelerator Programs. This program helps businesses grow through a paid mentorship program with accountability mentoring from successful business owners.

By partnering with SBA/SBDC/WBC, existing training programs (private, public, institutional), we leverage the local resources to help businesses succeed, growth and thrive.  With more than a 47% fail rate for small business within the first 1-5yr period, this Accelerator program focuses on the “after successful launch” and struggling companies. The program is affordable with mentors and mentorees evaluated for progress quarterly.

Build Business Leaders Organization partners to create successful education to career or education through business expansion success programs. We work with local schools, colleges, universities, SBDC/SBA/WBC, coaching groups, workforce development and investment, business leaders, school boards, private training, local business community networks, etc.

Our goal is always to improve the local community’s prosperity through economic growth and supporting education and business programs.

Business Growth Accelerators

We provide a business to business paid mentoring program to push existing businesses into growth mode and diversify their revenue streams. The program is fairly priced with less required on the front end (first two quarters) until growth is established. This is an accountability program with evalutions  of progress quarterly of the mentoree and mentor. This program provides the support needed to grow and expand business.

Business Accelerator

 Higher Level Learning Programs

In partnership with San Joaquin Valley College in Hesperia, this year we will collaborate to bring Executive Level speaker series and network series to the region.

In collaboration with InSoCal Connect and Corona Innovation Center, we will produce a series of investor, building boards and executive training series for career professionals and successful business owner executives.

Build Business Leaders Organization creates and organizes program that recruit decision makers to expand their executive influence.

Our Accelerator programs are customized business to business mentoring to push businesses and executives to the next level of growth and expansion.

Goal: Educate to create successful businesses, launch into new market, support to expand, succeed and grow creating jobs and community invested businesses.

Membership and Training

We will offer a reasonable yearly membership for discounts to special speaker, meet market makers and panel events. Members will have special networking events that are only for members as well as ability to network and training at the open community events and programs.

We are building a network of serious business people ready to help each other succeed in business.