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Business Incubators

Innovation Centers & College/University Incubators with degrees
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 Business Prep -  SB Cnty ROP High School  for degrees or Incubator program

        Status: approved degree, detail clarification and implementing program

Business Incubator w/degree -  San Joaquin Valley College Hesperia-  2017

Business Incubator w/degree or Cert - Proposal in Progress: Chaffey College

Business Innovation Center/Incubator/Accelerator - Proposals in Progress:

                             - City of Indio

                            - City of La Quinta

                                   - City of Palm Springs - HOLD

                                  - City of Rancho Mirage - Declined

Build Business Leaders Organization education initiatives include collaborating with Colleges and Universities both public and private to create Business Incubators to provide education and degrees to those wishing to launch a company.  We partner with cities to create Innovation Centers/Incubator/Accelerator programs.

For those with degrees in other studies, there is an express Incubation program provided necessary education in business while incubating businesses.

As a vital preparation for these college/university incubators and city innovation centers, we partner with ROP and schools to develop business programs. As a vital post-launch, we work closely with cities, SBDC/SBA/WBC and our local Business Development/Growth Accelerators to support, mentor, coach and help companies succeed/expand during the 1-5 yr after launch period. This 1-5yr period typically sees a small business fail rate of over 47%. Our goal is to change those numbers while supporting existing businesses in growth.  Prospering communities.

Build Business Leaders Organization partners to create successful education to career or education through business expansion success programs. We work with local schools, colleges, universities, SBDC/SBA/WBC, coaching groups, workforce development and investment, business leaders, school boards, private training, local business community networks, etc.

Our goal is always to improve the local community’s prosperity through economic growth and supporting education and business programs.

Innovation Centers with cities

We work with cities to create Innovation Centers/ Incubators/ Accelerators where none exist. Many include partnering with existing entities that successfully create these centers.

Innovation Centers tend to have incubator program space and usually include co-work space, office space, counseling space, lab space, STEM space, workshop space. Many cater to a diversity of sectors within an industry focus.

Business Incubator

Incubate w/degree, Launch, Grow

Launching September 2015

San Joaquin Valley College

Incubator with degree Program

Hesperia Campus

18 month accelerated program

Open to all business industries

Paid program through tuition

Financial Assistance Available

Includes: Business Owner Education, Business Creation, Mentorship, Special Speakers, Meeting Industry Leaders, Investor, Pitch Preparation

Summer 2015 - further discussions

Chaffey Community College

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Goal: Create and plant successful businesses

Types of Incubator programs:

Each incubator program is designed based on the entity supporting it. F

Investor or profit entities: these incubators do not create business owners but focus on product creation to flip and sell quickly. Strict vesting process, short term programs (12-48 weeks)

College/University incubators: These focus on educating and creating successful long-term business owners. These create businesses to last and owners who can run their businesses. Programs are 18-24 months.

City incubators: Can be either depending on the amount of investment from city. If city’s goals are to plant new business, they will work with educational incubator style programs. Or, they can contract out all programs and services to profit driven entities for the ability to show they have an incubator or support technology growth.


Co-Space and iHives

Workspace facilities that usually include open seating space, virtual offices, offices for rent. The facilities can include food, rest, play areas or just general meeting areas. Some include programs. Focus is on facility not all will include education programs or events